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Last Post 01 Jan 1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
Ruger special order/custom or not ?
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12 Dec 2013 12:33 AM
    I picked up a 1977 Police Service Six 357 mag. It's stainless with a 2"" barrel, the grip frame is short and about half size of a standard frame with a round butt and hammered back strap. The serial # is inside the yoke and not on the butt. I removed the grip panels and inspected the frame and found no evidence of it being cut or altered by a gunsmith. The panels have a part # on them so I called Ruger and asked if it was a good # and they told me it was but didn't have them anymore. I've submitted a request for authenticity to Ruger to see what I can find out. Being hopeful I receive good news. I would appreciate any info or thoughts.
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    28 Dec 2013 08:23 PM
    Looks like a nice custom job on a Ruger Police Service Six which is commonly a 4 Inch Barrel (a rounded but would normally carry a Speed Six Frame marking.) Good quality work, the stripling on the back strap and lack of Ruger markings on the barrel would put it in the Custom range (my Opinion) but that shouldn't detract from its value. (Looks like a modified S&W Barrel.)

    ASP did some good work on the Speed Six line (usually .44 Specials with De-horned hammers.)

    A gunsmith could reposition a serial number with BATF permission. Also a point for the custom job argument.

    Any way it's nice!

    I often carry a 4 inch Speed Six in .357 Magnum for defense, (not a Service Six which has the squared but.) Have you shot yours yet?
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