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Red Labels Duck Stamp gun, 12 ga 1984 vintage
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22 Oct 2008 07:38 PM
    as you haveseen, we tried and came up with an article as to the Red Labels in the 'all blue' versions for the RCA Journal last issue...just to let you know, I had made a refernece in this article as to the 'Duck Satmp guns in 1984 from Ken Hurst...well I did not 're-read my own writing and after the aticle printed, we noticed that I had ""incorrectly"" said there was NO amrkings on the GUN as to it bing a ""Ducks Unlimited "" offering , but meant the ""barrel"",,,yessir, these is indeed ""Ducks Unlimited"" under the receiver of course, so I had Dalia add an ""update/corrrection "" to the upcoming RCA Journal..........pay MORE attention ,Dan.......

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    22 Oct 2008 10:30 PM
    Dan, thanks for the pic and explaination....I wondered about that when I read the article but what do I know about Shotguns!! ;) I did enjoy the article and thanks for writing it, always nice to read about different Rugers. Real pretty receivers on those DU guns.