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Ruger SP101 Department of State Edition, please help
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01 Feb 2013 02:51 PM
    I have always wanted a Ruger SP101 and recently I had the opportunity to trade for one. I now own a Ruger SP101 in 38 Special and it is DAO. It appears this SP101 is a Department of State Edition. It has a polished stainless finish and has a skeletonized spur trigger. Through my research I was able to verify via the serial number and shell casing it was made in 2006. The only other thing I know is it is a Department of State Edition. The catalog # is: KSP-821DOS. I emailed Ruger and they were not helpful and I went to Bass Pro Shop and they were unable to give me any further information. I would like to know how long of a production run this edition had and how many were produced? Any information would be helpful and appreciated.