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0 Replies and 4779 Views 44 Mag. Redhawk  4779  0 Started by  parashoot I bought my Redhawk 44 magnum 4'' in March ,2008.Is it my imagination or is this firearm hard to get nowAlso when is the RCA going to be in Harrisburg this year Thanks for the reply. ::
0 4779
22 Jan 2012 07:54 PM
0 Replies and 6485 Views Alaskan  6485  0 Started by  DBC5273 &91b&93&91/b&93I own a Ruger Super Red Hawk Alaskan in caliber 454 Casull / 45 Colt. This is my primary self defense/home defense weapon. I regulated the sights for the Cor Bon load - the 200 gr. JHP load. I also use the 225 gr. all copper HP load. Both pretty much shoot to the same point of aim and print around 4 inch groups at 20 yards. Anyone know of any other ''hot'' 45 Colt loads suitable for self defense On the Cor Bon boxes it says the 200 gr. stuff has a muzzle velocity of 110...
0 6485
10 Feb 2011 12:05 AM
0 Replies and 4957 Views Need information Please  4957  0 Started by  FLMarksman My Grandmother passed away and she left me my grandfather's Single Six .22 ser 61217. Ruger says it was man. March 1957. It is missing the grips. Can someone tell what grips i need to find to put it back to original configuration. Any info on cost and availability would be great. Also, as it is a 3 screw model, I am told it may need the safety recall performed. Does anyone have pictures of the before and after Thanks
0 4957
30 Aug 2010 06:27 PM
0 Replies and 4897 Views SECURITY SIX WITH LAWENFORCEMENT HISTORY  4897  0 Started by  WBP347 I am a retired law enforcement officer with a ruger security six I carried and was in police related shootings that are documented. Would like to find out if it is valuable to a collector.
0 4897
18 Aug 2010 11:50 PM
0 Replies and 4519 Views Stainless Redhawk 44  4519  0 Started by  rgwarren I found a Stainless Redhawk ( not Super Redhawk ) today in 44 mag with hogue grips and 4.2 in barrel.. The out the door price is $400.00.. The gun is in excellent condition with no box or papers.. Is this a good value
0 4519
13 Jul 2010 02:05 AM
0 Replies and 15178 Views Ruger SP101 Revolvers - Overview  15178  0 Started by  Hassel I have for a time been thinking it would be nice to collect a list of Rugers different models and the variations there of. So I am starting an experiment here. I will list the information I find in the second post in this thread, adding to it if someone comes with more information about listed guns or if there are more variants. My main source of this list is an ad for ruger revolvers form 1998 i ripped out of an American handgunner magazine. The upper row tells in what information is in wich ...
0 15178
11 Feb 2010 08:46 PM
0 Replies and 4839 Views Consecutive pair of .38 service sixes with evereything!  4839  0 Started by  Hassel &91url&93http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspxItem=156349242&91/url&93 Since i Can't afford them and probably not get licenses, and then the hassle of getting it shipped out of America I guess iIshould tip you all about them.! Sold by ruger for the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance charity.
0 4839
08 Feb 2010 11:46 PM
0 Replies and 4312 Views "old model" Six series  4312  0 Started by  Hassel AS far as i know there was at some time a small change in the Ruger Six series frame- I hapen to have one of the earlier versions (The one thet the Houge grips won't fit) It's a used revolver and looks like that, even if it has been taken good care of. Are these early Sixes particularly rare or valuable should i save mine fiorm the gunsmith and try to get a newer one for the project it was intended for
0 4312
22 Jan 2010 10:57 AM
0 Replies and 6126 Views .357 Redhawks  6126  0 Started by  Hassel Hi RCA I am new here, and still paying on my life mebership. I have used ruger revolvers (and som other firearms) for a few years now, and slowly they snuck up on me. And i realised i had traded all my S&Ws Ubertis and whatnots for rugers... And i have gained a serious interest in collecting rugers, atlthou that will take som time to get the right paperwork as I live in Europe (Norway usually, the Netherlands for now.) However... I resently stumbeled over no less than two Stainelss ruger re...
0 6126
20 Jan 2010 12:52 PM
0 Replies and 5287 Views S.H.O.T. Show Redhawk  5287  0 Started by  flmcdaniel Since there were very few posts about double action Rugers, I thought that I might share one of mine with you. I'm new to this so be kind. When Ruger first came out with the Redhawk, the premier showing to the general public was at the S.H.O.T. Show. The Redhawk pictured is serial 500-00209 and was the one used not only at the Ruger exhibit along with the Ruger banner shown but also for various photo shoots. After the show, G. Richard ''Dick'' Shaw, Ruger Director and sales rep. to Canada a...
0 5287
03 Jul 2008 06:16 PM
0 Replies and 4677 Views Just didn't like the Goose Egg....  4677  0 Started by  ruger3screw Sorry to say these are the only Double Actions I have. Should add a few I guess
0 4677
20 Feb 2008 11:43 PM
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