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22 May 2014 01:06 PM
    Hi Ruger fans. I am thinking about selling a set (sequential serial numbers) 56-64495 and 64496. Vaquero in 44 Mag with 4 5/8 blued barrels. Based on the serial numbers there were less than 300 produced. One gun in itself is very collectible. However, a set with sequential serial numbers makes the pricing, out of gun values books nonexistent. Is there anywhere I can go to get a fair market price? Both guns are in great condition with very little use.

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    14 Mar 2019 06:08 PM
    There are actually quite a few more than 300 of that model.
    When those first started popping up it was an uncataloged model of BNV-474. Ruger also did a few KBNV-474's back then.
    They were produced because they were leftovers from 4-5/8"" .44-40 production, so Ruger used them up as 4-5/8"" .44's.
    Well, both models started showing up out of nowhere and were bringing up to $1K by collectors when they could find them.
    It got to the point were several people were asking their distributor to watch for them if any came in. Distributors got the hint and started ordering the model through Ruger...and at that point Ruger decided it was maybe a good model to produce. So after that they made thousands in the large size Vaquero frame in blue and stainless. There were also a few of each with simulated ivory panels although those are quite a bit scarcer.
    And, Ruger also made some Bisley's in blue and stainless 4-5/8"".
    No Bisleys with that barrel length are known to have been produced with simulated ivory.