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0 Replies and 5747 Views P94L  5747  0 Started by  stwbll I added a P94L to my collection this weekend. The laser doesn&39;t work, but another rare variation for the display case!
0 5747
09 Nov 2016 12:07 AM
0 Replies and 5321 Views Ruger Skeleton Stock Rifles  5321  0 Started by  Vander292 Kenny. The installation was easy and the included instructions were excellent. jvg
0 5321
20 Oct 2016 03:43 AM
5 Replies and 4640 Views P89P  4640  5 Started by  stwbll Last week I acquired a pistol that has thrown me for a loop. The slide has P89P stamped on it, but the configuration and the serial number (311-97699) says that it is a P95DAO. I was wondering if there was anyone in this forum that might be able to shed some light on this for me or may have seen one of these before I have attached a picture so you can see the slide stamp and the serial number.
5 4640
08 Oct 2016 01:43 AM
0 Replies and 4353 Views Fully Engraved 50th Anniv. MkII  4353  0 Started by  4/12/2002 Gentlemen, I just purchased a fully engraved MK450 MKII mfg. in 1999. The quality of the engraving causes me to wonder if it wasn't a company presentation pistol. Does anyone have knowledge of this I know certain very special weapons were exquisitely engraved for Bill Ruger, among others in the company and as gifts to special individuals. I wonder if this isn't something along that line. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. John
0 4353
25 Aug 2016 11:59 AM
0 Replies and 4245 Views Rare Ruger Mark I - Myth?  4245  0 Started by  Nurselord To be upfront, I joined the forum solely to ask this question, as I think it will bug me for a while if I don't find out for sure: Last night, I sold a Ruger Mark I .22 with a serial number beginning with 17- to Gander Mtn. They gave me $225 for it, and I felt that was ok for me not to have to do the legwork of listing and selling it online somewhere. They said private sale I'd probably get $400 - 450 as, according to them, it was in 85 - 90 condition. My research prior to taking it to th...
0 4245
04 Aug 2016 02:05 PM
0 Replies and 3976 Views Customized Ruger Mark I model T-512  3976  0 Started by  BarkeyVA Well, I have to show everyone my latest acquisition, a customized Mark I, model T-512 with serial no. S 10-94167. The seller said it was part of an estate, and I bought it just because I think it is such a neat looking gun. According to the letter from Ruger, it was shipped in October 1971 and the ''S'' indicates it was shipped as a factory second. I asked Chad why a gun might be sold as a factory ''second.'' He indicated that it could have been used as a factory salesman sample, or it ma...
0 3976
25 May 2016 05:55 PM
0 Replies and 3964 Views Mark I T678, D200001  3964  0 Started by  BarkeyVA I have been told that my Ruger mark I, Serial number D200001 that I bought used was made in 1962. How can I find out when and to whom it was shipped &91img&93http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p521/BarkeyVA/Rt20Frame20Close.jpg&91/img&93 &91img&93http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p521/BarkeyVA/Left20Frame20Mark20I2020close.jpg&91/img&93 &91img&93http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p521/BarkeyVA/Left20Full.jpg&91/img&93 &91img&93http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p52...
0 3964
16 Feb 2016 11:53 AM
13 Replies and 14043 Views Re: Ruger P series Pistols - Overview  14043  13 Started by  Hassel The P-89 Cut away looks real familiar. :D I did not see a mention of the P-89 M. This model is actually a P-93 with an interesting story.
13 14043
23 Aug 2015 03:13 AM
0 Replies and 8593 Views Ruger 1911  8593  0 Started by  LimpinLeroy This is my first Ruger pistol but I have handled a few and I agree that it is not as nice as other rugers. One chamber is sticky and the cylinder is rough to install compared to others. I hate to get rid of it since my wife bought it I dont want her to stop buying me guns and also due to the fact that it will probably be tougher to trade off, but I will keep looking. &91url=http://info.akronjoblink.com&93link&91/url&93
0 8593
10 Jun 2015 11:18 AM
0 Replies and 5292 Views Ruger Mark II Consecutive Serial Numbers  5292  0 Started by  squirrely1 Hello. I collect ruger MK II 22s And would like some opinions. The exclusive models.....like Davidsons....Lipseys...ect....the ones you dont see alot of....If a person could find one say from the mid 90s like the MK678GC or the MK512GC in consecutive serial numbers would they be worth a premium someday as collector pieces
0 5292
06 May 2015 12:34 AM
0 Replies and 4803 Views Ruger PIstol Value  4803  0 Started by  toucanpint I have a .22 Ruger Pistol I think a Mark I from 1953 based on the Serial Number - 62221, silver/black Eagle, black hard grips, tapered barrel -43/4''. I would like to know the values based on condition from like a blue book. Thanks.
0 4803
08 Feb 2015 05:59 PM
0 Replies and 4220 Views Need help from someone who has Dougans book...  4220  0 Started by  Davel91 I need the exact year of manufacture for a Ruger Standard .22 pistol. I know the info available through Ruger's site is not 100 accurate, and only shows dates that certain serial numbers were shipped. How accurate is Dougan's book The gun in question is serial number 2869XX. If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
0 4220
09 Apr 2014 12:34 PM
0 Replies and 5943 Views New member showing off his early Ruger pistols  5943  0 Started by  n64atlas Hi everyone: I picked the 514 up this past weekend and the Red Eagle Standard about a year ago. Had a 1971 bullbarrel back in the 70's that I bought new. Traded it off in the late 70's for a 1911. Should have hung on to it, but I was young and the pistols were cheap back then. Think I paid $73.50 for the bullbarrel Mark I. Anyway, here are the two I just got: &91img&93http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0603/n64atlas/ruger-1.jpg&91/img&93 &91img&93http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0603/n64a...
0 5943
03 Mar 2014 05:47 PM
0 Replies and 22753 Views Re: Ruger P94 with Laser  22753  0 Started by  waynedsr I just got off the phone with Ruger Records and they say according to my serial number, I actually have a PP94 DLW. Which means, custom rubber grips, black finish, decocker, and built in laser. Nice. Now I can find out more about this. Could I please have the phone number of RUGER RECORDS Thanks a bunch! Buchwheat
0 22753
15 Oct 2013 07:03 PM
0 Replies and 4364 Views RST4 Presentation Pistol  4364  0 Started by  d findley Serial number 47698 RST4 was presented to Vice President Richard Nixon in 1954 by Sturm, Ruger & Co. It was engraved. Grips are pearl with logo medallion in both grips. The pistol resides at the Nixon museum, California. Some dummy has dropped it and broke one of the grips. No!! There is no way, no how to buy that gun from the museum.  
0 4364
05 Jul 2013 05:01 PM
0 Replies and 4029 Views Parkerized MKI?  4029  0 Started by  bullseyeman Did Ruger ever manufacture a Mark I with a parkerized finish. I saw one today that the owner claimed was all factory original. Just want to double check
0 4029
28 Apr 2013 10:00 PM
0 Replies and 4190 Views What is this thing?  4190  0 Started by  ruge Have a Mark I, 16-75140, 51/2"" Bull Barrel, ivory grips, frame totally engraved and muzzle around front sight with gold inlay around boarders. In 100 condition with no box. I cannot find anything in any Ruger books or the Blue Book. My gun buyer (passed away) said this gun was valuable, but I can&39;t remember what he said about it. I am into old models so .22 autos don&39;t mean much to me. I should send a picture but know how.
0 4190
28 Apr 2013 08:44 PM
0 Replies and 4672 Views 22 semi Auto trigger  4672  0 Started by  billybob My 22-45 has a 12 lb trigger pull what can i do .
0 4672
07 Mar 2013 06:44 AM
0 Replies and 4995 Views Gun Buyback Horrors  4995  0 Started by  Watertender I was looking at news articles on Gun Buybacks and noticed a picture of some turned in on December 26th 2012 in Los Angeles CA. On top of a barrel of turned in handguns was a couple of Ruger 22's. There was an RST4 & an RST6 right in plain view. It's enough to make you sick to see those fine handguns there waiting to be melted for scrap.
0 4995
31 Dec 2012 12:46 AM
0 Replies and 6074 Views Re: Ruger MKIII in .17 Mach 2  6074  0 Started by  d findley Wow.. I would have Loved one of these., I can not see how it was too Powerful It is a 17 grain bullet, so it would be Less powerful than a standard 22. It has higher velocity, but that does not equal power. I can not think it could possibly damage a Mk3 pistol, I think the recoil would be less, as it is throwing a much lighter bullet..
0 6074
12 Dec 2012 02:24 AM
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