This is the RCA's 43rd year of existence and we are proud to be recognized as the 2nd oldest NRA affiliated collectors' organization, In order to continue to grow our organization, the RCA staff has set a goal of obtaining at least another 50 new annually.


As part of this membership drive, any new members that sign up during the period will receive the last 2 Journals as part of their "Starter Kit" instead of only receiving one Journal, per the current process.



Any current RCA member that signs up 4 new members will receive a free one-year extension to their membership.



Our goal of 50 new members amounts to basically one new member per week, or 4 new members a month. This is a very achievable goal if every current member seeks to sign up one new member.



Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of membership materials.

Application Options


Download Application form.


Complete Online Application.





Each new member will receive:

Most Recent Edition of the RCA Journal and the Three Subsequent Quarterly Issues RCA Lapel Pin~ RCA Special Publication Offer ~ Membership Interest List (see below) Ruger Brassard ~ Membership Card ~ Special Ruger Offers

I herby apply for membership in the Ruger Collectors' Association.

Membership Interest List

Would you like to share your name, telephone number,E-mail, address and your Ruger Collecting Interests with other fellow RCA members? (Please Check) Yes No (If yes, are there any elements you do NOT want published? )

Note Only participating sharing members are eligible to receive a Member's Interest List when published. You must agree to share in order to get the member Interest list. Each participating member will receive one list free when published. The list will be published once all current members have been surveyed and sufficient interest is shown in sharing this information with other fellow members. Additional or updated list will cost $20.00.

Membership Dues

Life: $450
USA Annual: $30
USA 3 Years: $85
Foreign: $39

Please make check or money order payable to :RCA
Mail to: Ruger Collectors' Association, P.O. Box 240 Greens Farms, CT 06838

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