"Schedule for Upcoming Journals"

Target dates are April, July, October & Christmas. The Leadership Committee has established a theme for the next several Journals and these are shown below.
  • Spring: "Custom Rugers - Hand guns and Long guns" We want pictures too!
  • Summer: The evolution of Ruger Bolt Action Rifles.
  • Fall: Guns Made for Ruger Distributors.
  • Winter: Your Favorite Ruger Used for Hunting.
All members are encouraged to contribute articles to help make our Journals interesting and a valuable asset for fellow members.

Journal: Vol. 30, February 2015, No. 1.

From Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

Dick's Salesmen's Sample No. 1

Ruger 9E

The Ruger 22/45 Lite Mark III

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Journal: Vol. 29, November 2013, No. 2.

50th Anniversary .44 Magnum Flattop New Model Blackhawk, S/N 89-00527. From the collection of Bill Cross.

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Journal: Vol. 1, November 1977, No. 1.

Pictured is the small frame building in Southport, Connecticut which was to become the first Ruger factory. This rare old photograph shows the "Little Red Barn" around 1880 when it was occupied by a lumber and hardware dealer.

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Journal: Vol. 2, May 1978, No. 1.

Shown is a part of the original Ruger factory in Southport, Connecticut in the early 1950s. These outbuilding behind the "Red Barn" housed the machine shop and assembly areas. Bill Ruger is shown seated at the right. That is Bill's sports car with his famous "GUNS" license plate.

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Feature Article - Armamex Standard Auto

Journal: Vol. 25, 2007, No. 1.

Pictured is an extremely rare Single-Six "Flatgate" with a 7-1/2" barrel. Join the RCA and find out about this gun along other interesting and informative articles found inside. Journal Index

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Journal: Vol. 25, 2007, No. 2.

This rare old photograph was discovered 30 years ago and shows the "Little Red Barn" in Southport, CT which was to become the first Ruger Factory. It was first established in 1885 by Northrop Bros., lumber and hardware dealers. Standing out front is George Northrop and his son Fredrick ca 1899. This photograph was also on the cover of the first Ruger Journal published 30 years ago, December 1977. Journal Index

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Journal: Vol. 25, 2008, No. 3.

This Journal is dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Bearcat. It contains several interesting and informative articles on Bearcats and their production numbers and dates. Pictured on the cover is Elmer Keith's Super Bearcat, #15, with all it original packaging. Journal Index

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