Need information Please

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Need information Please

Post by FLMarksman » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:27 pm

My Grandmother passed away and she left me my grandfather's Single Six .22 ser 61217. Ruger says it was man. March 1957. It is missing the grips. Can someone tell what grips i need to find to put it back to original configuration. Any info on cost and availability would be great.

Also, as it is a 3 screw model, I am told it may need the safety recall performed. Does anyone have pictures of the before and after?


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Re: Need information Please

Post by flattop44 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:52 pm

Your gun, is a "Single-Action" and if in its original configuration as it left the factory, should have XR3 Black Rubber grip panels. I may have a set for you, send me a email or PM and we can talk off-line.

Sending the gun back to Ruger is certainly a personal preference. This was not a "Recall", it was a safety conversion/modification that Ruger offers so you can safely carry your gun with all of the chambers loaded. The gun can not go off unless you pull the trigger to raise the "transfer bar".

In its original configuration you always need to carry it hammer down on an empty chamber...remember always! Just like the old Colts, you pull the hammer back to half cock (2 clicks) and the cylinder will free spin. You load one chamber, skip a chamber, then load 4 more chambers, pull your hammer back to full cock (2 more clicks) and they let it down easy on the empty chamber.


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