Ruger "Two Tone" Bearcat (Blued and Stainless)

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Ruger "Two Tone" Bearcat (Blued and Stainless)

Post by kenfer » Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:15 pm

I have a new Ruger Bearcat that is half blue and half stainless steel. It has a blued frame, laimiated grips, and stainless steel barrel. The trigger and hammer are stainless/silver color. The stainless steel barrel front sight is blued. In checking with Ruger by telephone a few months ago, the customer service representative told me that there were at least 3 but no more than 10 made that way before they caught their "mistake." He suggested that I write Ruger Customer Service and for a fee of $10 they would document, in writing, how many were actually made and how they were eventually classified (either "factory blemish" or "limited edition"). I did write them 3 times and keep getting a "canned" response that they are moving and restaffing and try back again in a few weeks. This is exasperating!! In the meantime, I did (through much research) run across a firearms dealer that told me he had one and sold it for $2200. While I did pay a good price ($1400), I do believe that if there are less than 10 in existence, it will continue to appreciate and shouldn't have any trouble getting my investment back. Have any of you Ruger collectors heard anything about this particular Bearcat? I think I want to sell it and buy a new Red Label O/U, but am curious if there's any market for it. Thank you. Kenfer :D

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Re: Ruger "Two Tone" Bearcat (Blued and Stainless)

Post by chet15 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:57 pm

There would be a market for it, but it is a specialized market because not very many people know they even did those.
As I understand it, they were a mistake at Ruger when they mixed stainless components with chrome moly 4140 components. Of course when they come out of the bluing tanks you discover a mistake was made.
I don't know about quantities, but they are few. I believe a lot of these were sold as "seconds" or "used guns" or "blem" guns through Cabela's. Sadly, there was no record made of any of this rare stuff as it went in and out of Cabela's doors so who knows what kind of neat stuff went through there. And Ruger could care less.... its metal in, metal fast as that can happen.
It takes demand to create a value. No demand, no value above a normal gun.
The only way to create demand is by handing out the information, showing pics and even a serial number to pass around the masses would help document your gun.

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