SOLD! original Blackhawk 357 Flattop c. 1960

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SOLD! original Blackhawk 357 Flattop c. 1960

Post by Tenpoint » Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:36 pm

1960 357 Flattop c. 1960
6.5" barrel
w/box, parts list and original trigger/hammer parts kit (was converted)
Original factory black plastic grips
Gun in excellent condition and accessories in very good condition. Box has few dings but all corners are intact.

Here's your chance to own and shoot a piece of Ruger history and not worry about it! Leave those safe queens alone! Very accurate shooter in current format. You can convert it back to original with enclosed parts. Seriously though, I'd shoot it first. Very few I've owned shoot this well from all chambers. Great trigger.

Effective 10/21/2013 this item is sold.
Thanks for your interest and emails!

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