Ruger paper & goodies for sale;

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John C. Dougan
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Ruger paper & goodies for sale;

Post by John C. Dougan » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:21 pm

I have been collecting and researching Ruger products and history for 40 years and as a result I have amassed quite a bit of paperwork, parts, memorabilia and non-gun material. It is time to begin the process of disposing of much of it. The following category of items is for sale. There is too much stuff to list, please let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it.

Pocket Organizers, Patches, Decals, Lapel pins, Zippo items, Buckles, Steins, Ash trays, 10 year stuff, Dealer & Distributor price sheets, Product brochures, Annual Reports, mini Annual Reports., Road map catalogues, Instruction manuals pre 1973, Instruction manuals post 1973, post 1973 Business reply cards, early catalogues, Ruger automobile catalogues, Press Kits, 1970 press Kit, Ruger watches, Ruger pen sets, Old Model parts sets, XR-3 after market grip panels, Books & magazines, Calendars, Posters, Charles H. Jerred letterhead & envelope, Premier Weapons letterhead, Ruger 5”x 8” note pads, Ruger 8.5”x 11” line note pads, Ruger group insurance paperwork items, Misc. form letters, News from Ruger brochures, Insight (the company newspaper), Dated glass & ceramic Christmas gifts and more. Send PM or e-mail or call 915.478.1868.

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Re: Ruger paper & goodies for sale;

Post by LIBERTY FOREVER » Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:01 pm

Hello John
I recently bought a ladies Ruger employee gift ladies watch with petite black leather band in the box. Is there a mans edition also, If so do you have it for sale? You mention watches for sales. Also may be interested in the pen sets. If you can send a photo to me either here at RCA, ROCS, or

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