Greetings from a LIBERTY enthusiasts

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Greetings from a LIBERTY enthusiasts

Post by LIBERTY FOREVER » Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:33 pm

Hello from Illinois:

I'm a husband of 29 years, father of 4, grandfather of 3 and recently retired COL from the U.S. Army & Army National Guard, Infantry, 1984-2015. My family and I live on and enjoy a small 120 acre timber and tillable acreage which we enjoy improving and hunting. We have been Lifelong Remington and Ruger owners and I have some small collections and more than one should have for hunting. I had a few Liberty revolvers many years back and enjoyed them for there patriotic roll mark on the barrel. I was hit by mortar fire in Afghanistan in a firefight in 2011 and spent three years rehabilitating in surgeries and physical therapy in army, veterans administration hospitals. To keep from going insane I set out to collect every 1976 Liberty single action NIB with shipping sleeve (still need two). Along the way I started picking up the double actions as well and have gathered up a respectable collection. Ruger addiction is expensive, the M77 Liberty models began piling up as well. Crazy I hear you but I enjoyed the hunt and the patriotic stamp of the models. I know they aren't a highly collectible item but a few of them are low number productions. I suppose the beauty of a collection is in the eye of the beholder and the significance to him/her. I have other Rugers as well (RCA member bulletin release #16 SS-84-L & SS-32-L & RCA member bulletin release #21 SDA-382-L & SDA-384-L) military double actions with lanyard swivels which are beautiful pieces. However I suppose if I'm known for anything Ruger it will be the Liberty collection. My family enjoys them as well which makes it all the better, we shoot the rifles often and the DA's but the SA's are staying pristine in the boxes.

I look forward to getting to know more about those of you who wish to share your Ruger stories and collection experiences.

BTW- If you have one of the following to sell or know of someone who has one let me know.

1976 Liberty Boxed sets in the following.
Catalog Number KNR5, .22LR/.22WMR Stainless 5 1/2"
Catalog Number NR9, .22LR/.22WMR Blued 9 1/2"

1976 M77 in the calibers of .308 & .338

Retired 1985-2015


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