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Serial number 93 serries value?

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 6:10 pm
by RandyH
Grandpa passed away a few weeks ago and left some guns.

Blackhawk (.30)
M-77 (6mm)
Number 1 (6mm)

All with the 2 digit serial number 93.

All in very good condition but all have been shot some.

The Blackhawk has only been shot 3 times, grandpa took it to the range with surplus ammo, shot it three times without ear plugs. Those of you who have done this might be surprised he shot it more than once.

Bearcat has seen a lot of use, carried for snakes and shot by most in the family camping, Grandpa was very proud of how accurate the fixed sight Ruger's could be, in the right hands. last time I handled it, it had regular holster and shooting wear. But no misuse, and very carefully carried.

The M-77 went deer hunting once and Grandpa carried it African slung under a coat. Also shot off the bench at the range for load development. No signs of any other wear and the bluing is 100% no kidding, 100%

The number 1 is the prize of the group. It has the most beautiful stock I've ever "personally" seen. several others have made the same comment. When looking at stocks, this rifle is the standard we hold for beautiful/perfect. nothing I've seen comes close. Grandpa mentioned his guy at Ruger had something to do with it but I was young and this is all I remember about that conversation. This gun was shot of the bench some, but very carefully handled. He thought me concept of indexing the case with explanations of how he was able to shot 1/4" groups, also several other reloading for accuracy concepts. Bluing is also 100%.

I don't have them but I'm trying to find an insurance value. Notice I am not looking for a retail value. Just insurance.

The person who got them wont ever be selling them (that's why he got them)

Everyone in the family knows they have some value, but I don't think they have the slightest idea of really what they might be worth, myself included.

Any advice, I will treat it as advice and nothing more. Also because I will not be seeking the policy myself I will pass any advice along for what its worth to him and the generations going forward that they will be passed down to.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Serial number 93 serries value?

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:55 pm
by flattop44
Those sure sound like an interesting group of 2-digit guns, good to keep them in the family. Some pictures would really help in giving an estimate of values.

Re: Serial number 93 serries value?

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:25 pm
by RandyH
I wish I could get pictures, I doubt I will even see them again until they are passed down in another 25-35 years.

Re: Serial number 93 serries value?

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:40 pm
by rugerguy
Are the boxes, shippers ( wrappers) paper work etc with any if the guns, this affects the values, but like Bill said above, seeing them to get a "condition" idea will be the determining factor...two digit makes them of a "premium" value, over and above the condition as well...but when you look at a Blue Book of values, you can literally take the prices right off the page, add "premium" and then as a "set" ( 4 guns) makes them worth even more...wish we could give a "cut and dry" price, but cannot. But we do have a couple of 2 digit Bearcats , NEW in their boxes and I would not sell them for less than $2500 each, and even then they aint going anywhere..............BUT , on the other hand , have a "NEW Model bearcat with a #93 prefix, when they were re-released in the ealry 90s and it is a "two digit" serial number, number $41 and we'd sell that for $650.............wife does NOT consider all those "extra" digits as TRUE "two digit",,,,,,, sooooooooooooo....
By the way, I recall selling a two digit 357 mag Blackhawk, serial number # 96 and sold it for $1600, no box,..............did not keep ,nor collect Blackhawks..........whats it worth today?????

Re: Serial number 93 serries value?

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:48 pm
by RandyH
No boxes, papers or anything but the guns.
I don't have a blue book. Does anyone have one that could pile the basic numbers together.
The M-77, number 1 and the black hawk are shot but as perfect as can be. Bearcat is well used but never abused.

Thanks in advance.