Ruger/Bianchi flap holster

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Ruger/Bianchi flap holster

Post by cabinroe » Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:17 am

I've managed to pick up a few of these holsters over the years, but a couple have oxidized (turned green) around the brass buckle.
How can I clean these up and what should I do to preserve them afterwards?

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Re: Ruger/Bianchi flap holster

Post by flattop44 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:33 pm

That is very common with these holsters. It is probably the result of a reaction to something in the leather from the tanning process with the brass that leaves the oily green stuff. If its really bad I usually just hold the holster upside down over a garbage can and use a small brush to knock the green corrosion off of the brass. I try to keep it off of the leather, if it gets on the leather it can leave a dark spot. After knocking it off I use Brasso or Flitz on a cleaning patch to clean the brass. If there is an oily circle on the leather around the brass hardware a little saddle soap will help but a dark area will remain.

If its not real bad I just brush the bulk of the green corrosion off and leave it alone, the patina on the brass just shows the age of the old holster and looks very fitting in my opinion.


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